Case Results & Practice Areas

Our team of highly experienced attorneys concentrate in areas of practice that encompass automobile accidents, offshore accidents, workers' compensation (on the job accidents), industrial accidents, medical malpractice, products liability and premises injuries, always on behalf of injured people and against the persons and corporations that hurt them. It is this kind of concentrated practice that can result in a FAIR SETTLEMENT for you.  To learn more details about the outstanding results we have brought to our clients, please view our CASE RESULTS, and scroll down to the end of the list.  Doing so will give you a real understanding of what we do, and how well we do our job!
We believe in protecting our clients and helping people who are in need by attaining a fair settlement that will help them cope with their injuries and losses and improve their quality of life. While personal injury cases make up the vast majority of our law practice, we also represent people who have incurred damages of almost any type including emotional and monetary damages and violations of their constitutional rights.

To learn more about areas of law practice in which we concentrate, click on any of the links below.

Personal Injury
Auto/Motorcycle/Trucking Accidents
Offshore/Maritime Accidents
Workplace/Workers' Compensation Accidents
Industrial/Chemical/Explosive Accidents
Medical Malpractice



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