Mission, Vision and Values

Our law firm is focused, almost exclusively, on the civil law practice of representing people who have been injured. Any person or persons who have incurred damages – be they physical, emotional, monetary or to their property – will find in us a legal representative who will ensure that their rights are protected and will assist them in recognizing and enumerating all elements of their damages.

That is not only our mission statement, it is our promise to take the time and effort necessary to ensure you completely understand your case and what it will take to win it. Our commitment to serving you – our clients – is the reason why we have answered EVERY phone call for the past three decades and answered all your questions and concerns. And our dedication to serving you, combined with our many years of experience in every aspect of litigating and settling cases, is the reason why so many of the clients we represent are rewarded the settlement they deserve.

Furthermore, we will let you know what our fees are going to be from the very first consultation – and they will never change. You pay no fee at all if we are not successful in settling or trying your case! Plus, we maintain the most advanced trial preparation facility in Louisiana to strengthen your case even further.

Our legal system, in this great nation, serves as a model for all nations to emulate. It also serves as the world’s best forum for the individual to have his "day in court” and present his grievances to the party at fault – be they another individual, a business or corporation, an insurance company or a governmental entity – and operate on a level playing field so that no one party will have excessive influence or power over the other.

Our prime directive in this law firm is to treat all potential, active and former clients with dignity and respect. Those whom we serve are to receive accurate and fair evaluations of their claims. They are entitled to legal advice and direction that is based upon sound information and adherence to the civil laws that govern us. Our clients are not expected to know all aspects of the law . . . that’s our job!

Recognizing the importance of communication with our clients, our firm maintains an open door policy, affording our clients easy access to their attorney and support staff at all times. All this and more defines the commitment to meeting your needs and dedication to winning your case that is the hallmark of The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation – where a fair settlement is no accident.



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