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Medical Malpractice

If you feel that you or a family member have incurred needless pain, suffering or additional injury as the result of the carelessness or mistakes of a doctor, medical institution or other medical or psychological therapist or professional, then you may have a case for malpractice. Malpractice cases can be very complicated and tough to prove. Make sure you donít add to the complication by making mistakes early on.

The following list of Doís and Doníts can help ensure that you make the right decisions in such a situation. However, the best advice we can give you regarding Medical Malpractice is this: if you suspect that you or a family member have suffered as a result of insufficient, improper or inappropriate medical or psychological treatment, contact The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation immediately. We will put our winning team to work in getting you the settlement you deserve.

What To Do In Case Of Medical Malpractice:

1. Seek legal advice as soon as you suspect you or a family member might be the victim of medical malpractice.

2. Insist on certified copies of all medical records relating to your treatment. Medical records are confidential but, as the patient, you have a right to all recordsóincluding charges.

3. Write a diary or ledger with notations on everything the doctor or medical facility and staff told you or instructed you to do.

4. Keep an accurate chronological record of when you first sought treatment, the names of any specialists you were referred to, outpatient care, etc.

5. Seek a second opinion from a qualified doctor but do not share your suspicions of malpractice with the second doctor.

6. Cease receiving care from the source that you suspect might be committing malpractice against you, unless that provider is in the midst of a complex treatment and it would be inappropriate or detrimental to make an immediate change.

7. Seek the advice and representation of an attorney who concentrates his/her practice in the area of medical malpractice, as very few attorneys are competent to handle these cases.

What Not To Do In Case Of Medical Malpractice:

1. Donít attempt to confront the doctor(s), medical staff, lawyers for the medical facility or anyone else regarding your suspicions until youíve spoken with your attorney.

2. Donít sign anything, waive any rights or admit to any responsibility.

3. Donít discuss your suspicions with any other person outside of your immediate family and with your attorney.

4. Donít continue receiving treatment from doctors or medical institutions that you suspect are perpetrating malpractice against you.

5. Donít tell medical personnel that you need medical records to bring to an attorney. Instead, tell them you need the records for insurance and/or social security purposes.


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