This information provided by our web site is, of necessity, general and nonspecific. Each and every potential claim has variable specifics that can completely alter the legal analysis of that claim. For that reason, a thorough and complete interview and evaluation of the claim is necessary to form a proper basis for specific advice to a client on his or her individual claim. The general information we attempt to present at our web site on claims involving personal injury, auto torts, offshore accidents, worker's compensation, products liability, medical malpractice, premises accidents, industrial accidents, burns and electrocutions and discrimination in housing and in the workplace should NOT be construed as formal, nor specific, advice on the handling of an individual claim, nor should any information dispensed herein be considered, in any way, as formative of an attorney/client relationship. Such a contractual relationship can only be undertaken by our firm after a complete interview and evaluation of each specific client's case. For purposes of such interview and evaluation, you may begin the process of requesting an interview and evaluation by inputting your case specific information into our interactive case information form, available within this web site.


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